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If you’ve ever traveled across the world, you’ll notice that different countries and regions have a love for football, but there are plenty of differences of what is actually considered football depending on where you are. Some countries have adapted different rules and regulations that alter how the game is played, what type of equipment is worn and differences in other rules and regulations. With that said, you may have a completely different understanding of what football is when you speak to someone who is not from your native country. I’m going to show you some of the different types of football and how they differ from one another.

Association football is the most popular style of football and it is commonly referred to as ‘soccer’ in certain countries like the United States and Australia. This particular type of football consists of two different teams and eleven players. Opposing teams attempt to score goals and the goals are guarded by one player of each team who tries to prevent the point by using his or her hands. This sport uses a round ball and the players (minus the goalkeeper) are not able to use their hands.

Another very popular type of football is known as Rugby. This sport follows two main rules that are said to have originated from the original game which is thought to be established in the town of Rugby which is located in Warwickshire, United Kingdom.  A professional rugby team will be made of 15 players. They use an oval type ball and the players are awarded five points for a try, three points for a drop goal and three points for a penalty kick. Players can also earn two points for a conversion which is when a kick is made at a goal after a try has been scored.

Yet another popular type of football is known as Australian Rules football. It’s also sometimes known as Aussie Rules. It’s an Australian type of football that allows the players to utilize their hands and their feet in order to score goals. This really expands the horizons of the sport and makes for a very interesting game to watch. A goal is worth six points and is made when the ball is kicked between the inner posts of the goal markers. They use an oval type ball in the AFL and the game is played nearly exclusively in Australia.

These are the most common types of football. If you’re a fan of any one of these types of football, you may find yourself interested in watching others take on the sport.

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