How to Pick Your Horse at the Breeders Cup

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Every year hundreds of horse races take place, and breeders have the chance to exhibit their prized horses. They do this for prestige, bragging rights, money, and the love of the sport. The stakes are high, and the rewards are great.

The History of the Breeder’s Cup

The history of the Breeder’s Cup began in the 1980’s. Horseracing had experienced a drop in popularity, which had been due to overwhelming corruption. In an effort to restore the integrity of the sport and return a spirit of impartiality and fair-mindedness Chris Gaines held the first event in 1984.

The Breeder’s Cup is now one the most popular horse races in North America, and it attracts a large number of people to enjoy the event. The lineup includes 15 races and it attracts the best of the best breeders, owners, and trainers from all over the world.

The Breeders Cup has become known as one of America’s most elite equestrian events, with incredible purses. It is estimated that, between all of the races the possible winnings range from a few hundred thousand dollars to 5 million dollars. The opportunities to gain a part of the purse are increased, and unlike other horseracing events more people are able to participate.

The Contenders

The contenders for this coveted event include some of the finest thoroughbreds in the world. Some of the names include the likes of Game on Dude, Ultimate Eagle, Hymn Book, To Honor and Serve, and many others.

During the selection process, there are 14 starters for the fourteen races with the exception of one race, which only allows 12 starters. The Breeder’s Cup Limited has introduced this process to choose runners in case the field is oversubscribed.

The runners are picked according to those who are the favorites. They make their decision according to the horse’s performance, a point system, and the decisions of experts in the field. The procedure is to rank the horses and fill the spaces. Any spaces left are filled according to the final choices made by the experts.

Some Interesting Facts

The Breeder’s Cup had its first female rider in 1988, and she went on to ride the winning horse, Halfbridled in 2003. The Trophy is a replication of the Torrie horse created by Giovanni in 1580.

The Breeder’s Cup asked Lalique to create the Torrie horse in crystal to honor this year’s celebration, and this year’s official flowers chosen for the winner’s garland are Beauty Asters, Golden Asters, Cremons, and Catteleya Orchids.

The location for the next event is announced four months before the current event begins. The president of the Stronach Groups Racing Division announced that next year’s race would be once again held at the Santa Ana Race Track in Arcadia, California.

Expect to be treated to a once in a life experience. It promises to be filled with action and packed full of fun, as the world’s greatest thoroughbreds run in the greatest race of the year. The Breeder’s Cup promises to be an event to remember.

With the field getting stronger each year, there are many new and interesting ways to bet on Breeders Cup horses.

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